"WE ARE ALL PEARSONIANS," says Kim Campbell, former Canadian prime minister, when she spoke to two audiences in Ottawa. This was the second in the "Prime Minister Series" of the Pearson Centre. (The first held in 2013, was, wait for it.....on Lester B. Pearson. Other session planned on the PMs from the last 50 years in the year ahead.) The …

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Income gap grows between young and old: Report

Canada’s income gap is growing between young and old, not just between rich and poor, Conference Board of Canada says. A new report by the Conference Board of Canada confirms that the income gap between young and old workers in Canada is growing, with many young adults stuck in low-paying service jobs. Canada’s income gap is growing — not just between …

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Marchi to speak on Diplomacy and on Foreign Policy October 9

Pearson Centre board member, Sergio Marchi, Former Minister of International Trade and Canadian Ambassador to the WTO, will speak on "Style and Substance: Reflections on Canadian Diplomacy" at the Munck School of Global Affiars, University of Toronto, and on "Canada's Foreign Policy: The Case for Rest" at the Centre for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa.

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Multiculturalism 2021: Multiculturalism at 50 (Oct. 8)

Confessions post-référendaires



Les généraux politiques qui ont mené la bataille référendaire de 1995 ont aujourd'hui tous quitté la scène politique. Certains sont plus ou moins oubliés; d'autres sont entrés de plain-pied dans l'histoire du Canada. Pour plusieurs d'entre eux, il restait encore à raconter comment ils avaient imaginé les lendemains d'un Oui québécois. Dans cet ouvrage surprenant, Chantal Hébert et Jean Lapierre vont au-delà des stratégies convenues et de la campagne au quotidien pour jeter un nouvel éclairage sur un moment révélateur de la vie du Québec et du Canada. Jean Chrétien, Paul Martin, Jacques Parizeau, Lucien Bouchard, Mario Dumont, Jean Charest, Sheila Copps, Lucienne Robillard, Preston Manning, Frank McKenna et plusieurs autres se sont prêtés au jeu. Deux décennies plus tard - et plus particulièrement à la suite de la défaite décisive des souverainistes aux élections québécoises de 2014 -, les révélations de Hébert et de Lapierre risquent de vous étonner. En posant une question inattendue, ces observateurs politiques chevronnés ont ingénieusement mis en lumière les fractures, les tensions et les craintes qui, encore aujourd'hui, marquent le Canada.

Netflix vs the CRTC

Netflix vs the CRTC

The spat between Netflix, the American super cable company, and the CRTC, the Canadian broadcasting regulator, has all the markings of an iconic battle.  It involves a lot of fault lines in our society: American giant versus the pseudo-governmental Canadian regulator, the American cultural behemoth versus the ongoing battle to maintain some sense of Canadian culture, freedom to choose for …

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Events for progressives

Economic Projections for Canadians 2015 Panel discussion, January 15, 2015, Toronto. This is the second new year annual projections Session in Toronto which focuses on projections for people - families, youth, seniors, the middle class. Confirmed speakers include Bill Morneau, Executive Chairman, Morneau Shepell and Liberal candidate for Toronto Centre; and Jim Stanford, Chief Economist, Unifor and regular Panelist on CBC TV. Registration will open in November. This will be a breakfast meeting.  

How do we create "Good Jobs" for Canadians? Unifor hosted a conference in Toronto (Oct. 3-5) -- really the kind of event that should be hosted by the federal government -- a national meeting on how to create good jobs for Canadians. Rather than the growth in part time and short term contracts which is the future that most young people face, this conference attended by unions, business, governments, education, educators and other organizations focused on how to create more permanent jobs, green jobs and better paying jobs. Speakers included Premier Kathleen Wynne, Unifor president Jerry Dias, Kathleen Monk, Elyse Allen, Hassan Yusseff, and James D. Irving.  Pearson Centre president Andrew Cardozo spoke at the closing panel on the need for long term permanent collaboration among all governments, business, labour and other interests to work together to better plan a skills strategy for the future."For more info: http://unifor.org/en/whats-new/event/good-jobs-summit

What kind of Canada do we want in 2020? was the theme of the conference in Ottawa hosted by Canada 2020 (Oct 1-3).  Speakers included Premier Kathleen Wynne, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Jason Kenney, John Manley, Monte Solberg, Jean Charest, Anne McLellan and Will Marshall of the Progressive Policy Institute in Washington. Topics included income security, infrastructure, skills and labour and cyber security. For more info:http://canada2020.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Program_Web.pdf

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