There is a need to continue building and advancing a strong Canadian case for progressive, centrist and moderate public policy that combines economic success with social responsibility.

Canada has been built on the understanding that these two goals are mutually desirable and are key to the Canadian identity. Today’s discourse is returning to the understanding that business objectives and social ambitions can work alongside one another. In this way, Canada is once again promoting both of these basic national objectives simultaneously.

A Progressive Vision for Canada

Economic success combined with social responsibility has always been — and must always be — the progressive vision of Canada.

This re-affirmed progressive Canadian articulation needs to come from various sources: individual Canadians, political parties, academics, media commentators, business, labour, and the voluntary sector – people who have different roles, but yet can work together towards the same vision and can be mutually supportive. And the dialogue needs to take place across Canada and in both official languages.

The Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy was founded to counter the growing number of conservative and neo-conservative think-tanks that are driven by strong right wing ideology. By contrast, The Pearson Centre seeks to take a balanced approach to promoting policy alternatives which prioritize facts over ideology

The Pearson Centre plays a value-added role in a larger effort to establish a strong social consensus which values a progressive vision for Canada and challenges the conservative discourse and policies of the past decade.

Our Objectives

The overall objective of The Pearson Centre is to advance progressive and centrist democratic values,

More specifically, we strive to :

  • Provide a forum for dialogue on progressive issues, in person and online,
  • Facilitate credible research on key progressive public policy issues
  • Provide teaching and learning opportunities on progressive policy
  • Engage youth in all aspects of the Centre and through youth internships
  • Ensure inclusion of linguistic duality, cultural diversity and Aboriginal reality
  • Encourage Canadians, especially young people, to get involved in public and civic affairs to further progressive ideals
  • Restore public confidence in our governing institutions
  • Restore the credibility of our democratic traditions and institutions
  • Engage in dialogue with like-minded movements internationally
  • To analyze and monitor political and electoral trends

What We Do at the Pearson Centre

Conduct Online Outreach

We’re committed to developing highly interactive bilingual online and social media programs that include:

  • Current and accessible information on progressive public policy ideals,
  • Data and statistical information on economic, social and demographic trends affecting Canada and other countries
  • Engaging Canadians in regular dialogue through social media, and Innovative and high quality research and analysis, published in both in-depth and summary formats.

Facilitate Dialogue & Debate

Regular debates, panel discussions, roundtables and speeches on topical issues, in locations across Canada, to be streamed live and made available on the website for future viewing.

Provide Analysis

Ongoing analysis of political and electoral trends at all levels of government

Promote Thoughtful Commentary

Media commentary, columns and opinion pieces, based on solid evidence rather than a manufactured consensus.

Basic Values of a Progressive Canada

  • Economic stability & growth for Canadians
  • Viable public health care
  • Sustainable environmental policies
  • Strong Canadian cultural institutions and a cultural policy for changing technology
  • A digital economy strategy
  • Respectable quality of life for seniors
  • A highly educated and trained workforce
  • Facilitating advancement for youth
  • Canadian identity including bilingualism, multiculturalism, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • Social and economic fairness for Aboriginal Peoples, on reserve an in urban centres
  • A viable long term immigration & integration policy
  • A “get real on crime” approach to criminal justice

Structure of the Pearson Centre

The Pearson Centre consists of an advisory board of accomplished experts in various key public policy fields, and patrons who have served Canada at the highest levels. As well, the organization relies upon:

A national board of directors to oversee the work of the Centre
Fellows: recognized academics & researchers
A lean staff coordinates research, and organization

The Centre also strives to build linkages to select universities, colleges and international counterparts.

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