English follows the French. A noter: La coalition de Chaque canadien compte est en train de promouvoir l’adoption d’une stratégie nationale pour les personnes handicapées. Le format de leur document aurait changer un peu sur notre site. – Terrance Hunsley, agrégé supérieur, Le Centre Pearson PRÉFACE La coalition de Chaque canadien compte a été une […]


INVITATION to TWO ROUNDTABLES 9:30 – 11:30 am Roundtable on Combating Hate: Respecting diversity, overcoming discrimination and hate; 12:00–1:30 pm Roundtable on The Future of Work Preparing for the world of less full time jobs, the “Gig Economy”, higher skills, changing demographics Thursday, NNOVEMBER 16, 2017 Location: United Way of the Lower Mainland 4543 Canada […]

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The Pearson Centre’s Econ4Tmro Series presents: ENERGY INNOVATION IN ONTARIO! A dynamic conversation about new technologies for a low carbon economy Thursday, October 26, 2017; 12:30 to 2:00 pm; Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre, 525 Bay St., Toronto The energy sector is at an important crossroads in Ontario and across Canada. As we transition to […]


Many will say that our tax policy works well for Canada, with some tweaks always needed. It is balanced and internationally competitive. But our system could be rocked shortly by comparatively radical reductions in corporate and personal income tax rates for the U.S. as announced by President Donald Trump. This could take a few months […]


TWO EVENTS ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22: Recognizing the role that the Right Honourable Kim Campbell played as federal minister and Prime Minister, and what she has done since, in Canada and internationally. And….what does this mean for the future? Co-sponsored with Famous 5 Ottawa EVENT 1: 11:45am – 1:30pm: National Arts Centre EVENT 2: 4:00 […]

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