The intent of this paper is to shine a light on the critical aspects of the CF-18 replacement initiative that appear to have been buried in the public debate surrounding this multi-billion dollar project. Beyond the rhetoric are the immutable consequences borne by future generations of Canadians if we choose poorly. The world is becoming […]


Photo of Mauril with fellow Liberal candidates at Labour Day march, 2015. L to R: Catherine McKenna, Mauril, Anita Vandenbeld, Chandra Arya, Karen McCrimmon and Andrew Leslie. Mauril Bélanger has been an early supporter of the Pearson Centre and has spoken at various events since the Centre was founded in early 2013. His contribution to […]

Annie Cheung

The newly-minted Brazilian Sports Minister Leonardo Picciani announced in June that Rio de Janeiro is ready for the 2016 Olympics. It was then that it became clear the Games will be a go ahead on August 5, albeit under an unprecedented atmosphere of insecurity. In May, Brazil’s democratically elected head of state, Dilma Rousseff, was […]


Video from this event is available on the Pearson Centre’s YouTube Channel – accessible from our main page – click on the YouTube icon. Report to follow shortly… Invitation: Making sense of the U.S. Political Conventions Wednesday, July 27, 2016; 5:00 to 7:00 pm Carisse Studio Café. The smartest, most political café in Ottawa! 274 […]


For those who’ve been following the federal government’s efforts to pass Bill C-14 into law by the Supreme Court’s June 6 deadline, it has provided tremendous insight into a complex, ethical issue. More importantly, it has also provided some interesting foresight on the consequences of recent events affecting the Senate, and how the interplay between […]

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What Good Could We Accomplish With a Basic Income Guarantee and How Could We Put it in Place? There has been a lot of discussion about the need for a basic income of some form, in Canada as well as several other countries. Many proponents of reform call it a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG), and […]


The Pearson Centre is asking various experts about their thoughts on the aftermath of the Brexit vote.. This will be updated periodically. Q&A with 1. David Slin, former British Diplomat and Ambassador 2. Roy Sengupta, Student, Carleton Univeristy ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Q&A with DAVID SLIN, Former British foreign service official and ambassador now living in Ottawa […]

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