Flag Day on the Hill

L to R: Ali Ehsassi, MP, Hon. Peter Kent, MP. Beatrice Raffoul, Speaker Geoff Regan, Joan O’Malley (seamstress who sewed the first maple leaf flag in 1964), Eric Weir, MP, Sen. Landon Pearson, Anita Navdenbeld, MP.

VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbceGf4FA5NxXuYv0qNwsow/videos

Reception on Flag Day, February 15, 2017

Co-Hosted by Speaker Geoff Regan and the Pearson Centre

Order of speakers (beginning at approximately 3:45 pm)

1. Beatrice Keleher Raffoul from the Pearson Centre welcomes guests and introduces the Speaker
2. The Hon. Geoff Regan speaks and introduces Ms O’Malley
3. Joan O’Malley speaks
4. Beatrice introduces three co-chairs to share their thoughts about the flag
5. Ali Ehsassi, MP
6. The Hon. Peter Kent, MP
7. Erin Weir, MP,
8. Sen Landon Pearson thanks speakers and speaks.
9. Andrew Cardozo adjourns event

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