1.Future of Work/ 2.Combating Hate (Vancouver Nov16)


9:30 – 11:30 am Roundtable on Combating Hate:
Respecting diversity, overcoming discrimination and hate;

12:00–1:30 pm Roundtable on The Future of Work
Preparing for the world of less full time jobs, the “Gig Economy”, higher skills, changing demographics

Thursday, NNOVEMBER 16, 2017
Location: United Way of the Lower Mainland
4543 Canada Way, Burnaby BC https://goo.gl/maps/CaniQy57tEs

Combating Hate: The purpose of this dialogue is to put forward ideas on respecting and fostering diversity, overcoming discrimination and combating what seems to be a growing tide of hate in its many forms. The focus will be on the role of the federal government and national organizations, and how they can work with provincial and municipal players, be they government and non-governmental. A cross-section of community and government representatives have been invited to participate.

The Future of Work: The nature of work and jobs is rapidly and dramatically changing and society is not well equipped for this. How can we maintain well-paying full time jobs with benefits and pensions, how do we prepare for more part-time work and the emerging gig-economy, more entrepreneurship, start-ups, high-skills, greater computer literacy, life-long learning.

The Pearson Centre has launched discussions on these two topics across Canada with a focus on national and federal action.

For more information: info@thepearsoncentre.ca

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