Copyright Reform Issues – International Panel (Nov7)


Canadian, global voices weigh in as feds negotiate NAFTA and ahead of soon- to-begin Copyright Act review

Ottawa, Nov. 7, 2017—As the federal government undergoes trade negotiations and as Parliament begins to embark on a statutory Copyright Act review, helping Canadian businesses succeed in the international market should be top of mind, panelists said at an event hosted by the Pearson Centre today.

Coco Carmona, International Confederation of Music Publishers (Brussels/Spain); Erich Carey, National Music Publishers Association (United States); Margaret McGuffin, Canadian Music Publishers Association; and Don Stephenson, former Assistant Deputy Minister, Trade Policy and Negotiations, discussed how Canada can successfully compete in the global market, the role of copyright in the era of digital innovation and how small businesses can contribute to Canada’s trade agenda from a music publishing perspective.

“Trade and export are paramount to the music publishing industry,” CMPA executive director Margaret McGuffin said during the event. “In order to remain competitive globally, we need a wide ranging review of the Copyright Act so that Canadians can be in line with our international counterparts.”

Currently, Canadian creators hold copyright for the life of the author plus 50 years. In more than 60 international jurisdictions, including Europe, the U.S. and Australia, the term is life plus 70 years. Erich Carey spoke about the need for Canada’s copyright legislation to be harmonized with the international community.

Coco Carmona said that the “value gap” between rights holders and consumers needs to be addressed not only in Canada but worldwide, given new technologies that allow for more consumption of music in unconventional ways. Don Stephenson noted that Canada’s challenge is to create a strong balance between the rights of creators and those of the end users, something the federal government has struggled with for years, including in trade negotiations.

“As thought leaders in the public policy space we felt this was an important discussion to have at this time, especially as technology is challenging the notion of copyright and as we enter a new era of trade with CETA and NAFTA negotiations,” said Andrew Cardozo, Pearson Centre president. “We had a very pointed discussion about the important issues facing the federal government, with some strong ideas about how we need to move going forward.”

A full report on the trade and copyright agenda with recommendations from the discussion will be made available. An archived video of the event can be found on the Pearson Centre’s Facebook page.


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Andrew Cardozo

In conversation
The copyright and trade agenda
How Canada can remain globally competitive—a global music publishing industry perspective
What is the role of copyright in the era of digital innovation?
How can SMEs (small and medium enterprises) internationally and contribute to Canada’s trade agenda?
Tuesday, November 7, 2017
7:30 to 9 a.m.
Panel discussion: 8 a.m.
Rideau Club, 99 Bank Street, Ottawa
Breakfast will be provided
Host remarks:
Andrew Cardozo, President, The Pearson Centre

Moderated by:
Casey Chisick, Co-chair, Intellectual Property and Sports & Entertainment practices, Cassels Brock

Coco Carmona
International Confederation of Music Publishers

Erich Carey
National Music Publishers Association

Margaret McGuffin
Canadian Music Publishers Association

Don Stephenson
Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Trade Policy and Negotiations

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Dans le cadre de conversations
Le programme de brevets et des échanges commerciaux
Comment le Canada peut-il demeurer compétitif à l’échelle mondiale – la perspective de l’industrie de l’édition musicale à l’échelle mondiale.
Quel est le rôle du droit d’auteur à l’ère de l’innovation numérique ?
Comment les PMEs (petites et moyennes entreprises) contribuent au programme commercial du Canada à l’échelle mondiale
Le mardi 7 novembre 2017
7h30 à 9h00
Panneau de discussion: 8h00
Rideau Club, 99 rue Bank, Ottawa
Le déjeuner est compris
Remarques de l’hôte:

Andrew Cardozo, Président, Le Centre Pearson

Animé par:
Casey Chisick, co-président, Intellectual Property and Sports & Entertainment practices, Cassels Brock

Coco Carmona
Confédération internationale des éditeurs de musique

Erich Carey
Association nationale des éditeurs de musique – National Music Publishers Association (NMPA)

Margaret McGuffin
Association canadienne des éditeurs de musique

Don Stephenson
Sous-ministre adjoint, politique et négociations commerciales (retraité)

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