YEAR ONE of the new Govt & Parl; Nov.1; Ottawa

You are invited to
“Year One of the New Government and Parliament”
Deep Thoughts with the Think Tanks
(and a biographer)

NOVEMBER 1, 2016; 5:00 to 7:00 pm
Carisse Studio Café, 274 Elgin Street, Ottawa

Huguette Young, Journalist; Author of “Justin Trudeau: Natural Heir”
Jennifer Ditchburn, Editor, Policy Options, IRPP; Co-Editor “The Harper Factor”
Rick Smith, Executive Director, Broadbent Institute
Alex Paterson, Director of Communications, Canada 2020
Andrew Cardozo, President, Pearson Centre
Moderator: Susan Scotti, Exec. VP, Business Council of Canada

(The two books on Trudeau and Harper will also be on sale)

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