The Canadian Flag Provides a Sense of Immense Pride

By Nicola Toffelmire

Canadian Flag Photo

The Canadian flag reflects our nation’s values of equality, cultural sensitivity, peace and freedom. Among Canadian citizens, residents, newcomers and visitors, it creates a shared sense of pride, belonging and unity. When I look at our flag, I see two stripes representing our West and East coast borders giving an enormous and comforting hug to the uniquely shaped maple leaf lying in the centre. Since maple leafs vary in size, colour and shape, I strongly feel that this symbol mirrors the diversity that our country is fortunate to have. Serendipitously, the maple leaf and stripes are in red, the colour of love. The white on the flag represents a blank canvas waiting for individuals to make their mark in our community. From coast to coast, our multicultural society is nurtured by our joint love and solidarity for being Canadian. The sense of pride and belonging that radiates from the Canadian flag also extends beyond our borders. In the over 50 countries I have visited, I tend to bring a Canadian flag with me to ground me during my journey. I have always felt welcomed immediately when other nationalities learn that I am Canadian – that’s something our nation should be proud of.

MPH Student, Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, Canada

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