The Canadian Flag Reminds me of Everything Canada Has Done for my Family

By Nirali Tanna

At age 4, I moved to Canada unwillingly, angry at my parents for making me leave my friends. The Canadian Flag represented the strange new future that lay ahead. Over time, as I picked up ice skating, took endless walks in woods, and learned French, I fell in love with the incredibly warm and friendly community. I associated the Flag with Remembrance Day, maple syrup, and arts class, where I carefully immortalized maple leafs with glue. Later, I travelled the world, and gained awareness of the uniquely Canadian values that set us apart from every country. The Flag became a symbol of our diversity and strength in the face of lesser ideals. As I prepare to enter society as a graduate, our Flag reminds me of what Canada has done for my family, and countless others, and inspires me to give back to a country that has given me everything.

J.D. Candidate, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Canada

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