The Canadian Flag Serves as a Reminder of our Continued Need to Acknowledge Indigenous Lives

By Bissy L. Waariyo

For me the Canadian flag is associated with singing the Canadian national anthem. During our time in junior, middle and high school, we stand up every morning to sing the Canadian national anthem in praise of our country. As I grew older I began to realize my contested feelings of national pride: do we not think it is time to question the praise of “our home and native land” and recognize “our home and Indigenous land?” Is it time to question why Eurocentric Canadian studies are part of mandatory curriculum requirements while Indigenous studies are electives? Is it time to highlight the Indigenous lives lost in WWI and WWII in building our nation? To mainstream images of the varied colours of soldiers faces on Remembrance Day? And finally, can we really celebrate 150 years of Canadian life while our Indigenous youth opt for death in Attawapiskat?

MA Student, Carleton University
Ottawa, Canada

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