Futur du Travail + Futur de la Fonction Publique

Le Centre Pearson a entrepris deux projets focalisant sur le futur au cours du printemps et été 2015 qui interpellent des enjeux clés auxquelles font face les Canadiens. Nous accueillons des partenaires qui seraient intéressés ? Projet 1 Le Futur du Tr …

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  • EVENT 1: National Arts Centre; EVENT 2: Carleton University

TWO EVENTS ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22: Recognizing the role that the Right Honourable Kim Campbell played as federal minister and Prime Minister, and what she has done since, in Canada and internationally. And….what does this mean for the future? Co-spo …

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Albright & Axeworthy

Global Progress Evening: Albright & Axworthy

Madeleine Albright and Lloyd Axworthy headlined the Global Progress Dinner in Toronto on April 1, 2014. As U.S. Secretary of State during the Clinton Administration, and Foreign Affairs Minister during the Chretien government, they were counterparts an …

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Economic Projections for Canadian Families 2014

  • University Club of Toronto 380 University Ave. (Between Queen and Dundas)

These are not the easiest times for Canadians, for young people, for seniors, for the middle class. What can Canadian families expect in 2014? What can business and investors expect? Are we pursing the right fiscal and monetary policies? What about ear …

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The Progressive Memos: Call for Submissions

Through our “Progressive Memos” the Canadian Centre challenges Canadians to put forward ideas for better public policy. You are invited to send us your analyses, critiques, and most importantly, your ideas for the future. For more information about thi …

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