Global Progress Evening: Albright & Axworthy

Madeleine Albright and Lloyd Axworthy headlined the Global Progress Dinner in Toronto on April 1, 2014. As U.S. Secretary of State during the Clinton Administration, and Foreign Affairs Minister during the Chretien government, they were counterparts and international collaborators for a better world. And their cooperation didn’t end there. These two internationally recognized figures still work together on key issues.

At the first Global Progress Dinner, hosted by the Canadian Centre, Secretary Albright provided her perspectives on the major global issues of today, of war and peace, of diplomacy and trade in a conversation with Mr. Axworthy. Former Foreign Affairs Minsters Barbara McDougall and Bill Graham were Co-Chairs of the event and Althia Raj, Ottawa Bureau Chief of Huff Post Canada moderated the discussion.

The event was held at the historic lakefront venue, Palais Royale in Toronto.

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