Réforme politique et démocratique

Le Canada jouit d’un des systèmes démocratiques les plus stables au monde. Bien qu’il soit envié par un grand nombre, il n’en est pas moins confronté à diverses difficultés : faible taux de participation aux élections, fraude électorale, représentation inadéquate. Cette crise de confiance est une véritable épée de Damoclès au-dessus de la démocratie canadienne. Quoi faire pour renverser la vapeur ?




TWO EVENTS ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22: Recognizing the role that the Right Honourable Kim Campbell played as federal minister and Prime Minister, and what she has done since, in Canada and internationally. And….what does this mean for the future? Co-spo …

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Brits prepare for years of minority government

By Paramjit Rai, Annie Cheung, Igor Delov, Amitav Rath, Andrew Cardozo

The British are getting used to the idea of minority Parliaments as voting patterns change and the two mainline parties – the Conservatives and Labour – lose ground to smaller parties, most notably the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), observed …

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20120705-153831-g (1)

Election reform bill still needs cross country hearings

By Andrew Cardozo

Politicians can really be quite loveable. I had three politicos over to a third-year class I teach at Carleton University recently and we all had a love fest. Jim Armour of Summa Strategies and a director of communications to Stephen Harper in his oppo …

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A hand with ballot and ballot box

An Approach to Electoral Reform

By John Ausman

I have long been interested in political issues in Canada but have also served abroad, where I have had the occasion to study the workings of several political systems. In particular, I served as Canada’s observer at the European Parliament from 1980 t …

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Lester Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada

Pearson: a party, caucus and cabinet full of contradictions

By Stephen Azzi

Lester Pearson’s approach to leadership must be at the centre of any effort to understand his government’s relationship with nationalists and with the left. A democrat and a pluralist, Pearson’s approach was to bring together individuals from a wide ra …

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How To Be a Good Minister: Allan MacEachen knew how to do it

By Colin Robertson

As ministers, new and old, begin anew the process of governing, they might reflect on the career of Allan MacEachen. Mr. MacEachen, who recently celebrated his 92nd birthday, worked on Parliament Hill from 1953 to 1995. He sat as a private member, as s …

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There is a way for better Parliamentary decorum

By Ken Boshcoff

I truly believe that the Canadian public, confronted by the behaviour in the Commons, would welcome a leader or a Member or a party that vows to restore the honour in the House. In October of 2004 along with dozens of other rookies of all the stripes w …

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