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Election reform bill still needs cross country hearings

Par Andrew Cardozo

The Hill Times

Politicians can really be quite loveable. I had three politicos over to a third-year class I teach at Carleton University recently and we all had a love fest. Jim Armour of Summa Strategies and a director of communications to Stephen Harper in his oppo …

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Competing for Global Investors

Par Sergio Marchi

One of the budget items that received little attention was the termination of the twenty five year-old Immigration Investor Program (IIP). It was the flagship immigration tool that specifically focused on attracting global entrepreneurs and investors t …

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Jim Coutts gave us a better country

Par Andrew Cohen

Ottawa Citizen

Andrew Cohen, writing in the Ottawa Citizen, pays homage to “the sentimentality and generosity of James A. Coutts, the entrepreneur, philanthropist and politico who, as adviser to Lester B. Pearson and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, helped shape modern Canada …

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A hand with ballot and ballot box

An Approach to Electoral Reform

Par John Ausman

I have long been interested in political issues in Canada but have also served abroad, where I have had the occasion to study the workings of several political systems. In particular, I served as Canada’s observer at the European Parliament from 1980 t …

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Former prime ministers: do their legacies have a future?

Par Andrew Cardozo

The HIll Times

If it weren’t for the death of Nelson Mandela, we were well on the way to forgetting that Canada ever played a key role in ending apartheid in South Africa. Brian Mulroney along with his then, foreign minister, Joe Clark did some heavy lifting in getti …

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Lester Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada

Pearson: a party, caucus and cabinet full of contradictions

Par Stephen Azzi

Lester Pearson’s approach to leadership must be at the centre of any effort to understand his government’s relationship with nationalists and with the left. A democrat and a pluralist, Pearson’s approach was to bring together individuals from a wide ra …

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Appreciation for Kim Campbell’s legacy grows

Par Andrew Cardozo

The HIll Times

Last week Kim Campbell was feted at the dinner of the Parliamentary Internship Program, marking the 20th anniversary of her prime-ministership A full hall at the Government Conference Centre heard form Campbell and several well wishers. So what was her …

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Canada’s dangerously distorted tax conversation

Par Alex Himelfarb

Personal Blog

We don’t like paying taxes. This is not big news: we don’t much like paying any bills, and there’s probably never been a time when we didn’t grumble in particular about taxes. But somehow “tax” has gone from irritant to four-letter word, not to be utte …

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How To Be a Good Minister: Allan MacEachen knew how to do it

Par Colin Robertson

As ministers, new and old, begin anew the process of governing, they might reflect on the career of Allan MacEachen. Mr. MacEachen, who recently celebrated his 92nd birthday, worked on Parliament Hill from 1953 to 1995. He sat as a private member, as s …

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Not asking much: A fair and effective criminal justice policy

Par David Daubney

When Stephen Harper became leader of  the Conservative Party he and his advisers consulted American Republican operatives about ways a right of centre party can build  and solidify a base of support. The advice, in addition to emphasizing tax breaks an …

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