David Lametti

  • Age: 53
  • Education: University of Toronto (B.A. Economics and Political Science), McGill University (Common and Civil law), Yale Law School (Masters in Law), Oxford University (PhD in law)
  • Occupation: professor of Law
  • Party: Liberal
  • Riding: LaSalle--­Émard--­Verdun, Quebec
  • Appointments: Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade
  • Margin of Victory: Received 43.9% of votes cast, taking the riding away from the NDP with a margin of more than 8,000­ votes.
  • Family: Lametti and his wife, Geneviève Saumier, have three children: André, Gabrielle and Dominique

  • Born in Port Colborne, Ontario, to Italian immigrants.
  • Professor of Law at McGill University, a Member of the Institute of Comparative Law, and a founding member of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy (CIPP).
  • After earning his Common and Civil law degrees at McGill University in 1989 he then served as a clerk to Justice Peter de Carteret Cory of the Supreme Court of Canada in 1989­-90.

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Policy Priorities

One of my main priorities is to support the needs of the people in my constituency. The riding is a poster child for infrastructure spending and investment. Major highways, bridges, and transit that connect the riding are needed or are in need of repair. In some areas there is also an urgent need for social housing and job creation. I’d like to support the potential that I see for the riding to make a name for itself in the area of innovation, since it is close to universities and a CEGEP, as well as being home to rapidly evolving post­industrial spaces. Developing recreational park space on the banks of the historic Lachine Canal, as well as protecting the St. Lawrence River that links the riding from end to end will also be priorities for me.

It is an honour to have been appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International trade and I look forward to working with Minister Freeland on international trade issues in order to benefit Canada,  Quebec,  and  obviously  LaSalle­ Émard­ Verdun.  We  have  already  started  hearing  from Canadians,  across the  country  on the Trans­Pacific  Partnership, the  Canada­European Union  CETA, and China.

Une de mes principales priorités est de soutenir les besoins des résidents de ma circonscription. Celle­ci est reconnue pour ses investissements et dépenses en infrastructure. Les autoroutes, les ponts et le transit qui relient la circonscription sont indispensables et ont besoin de réparations. Dans certains secteurs, il y a un besoin urgent de logements sociaux et d’emplois.    Je désire développer le potentiel de la circonscription pour être reconnu dans le domaine de l’innovation puisqu’il est à proximité d’universités et d’un cégep, en plus du développement des espaces post industriel. Le développement de parcs sur les rives du Canal Lachine ainsi que la protection du fleuve St­Laurent font aussi partie de
mes priorités.

C’est  un  honneur  pour  moi  d’être  nommé  secrétaire  parlementaire  de  la  Ministre  du  Commerce international  et  je suis  heureux  de travailler  avec  la ministre  Freeland sur  les  enjeux  du  commerce international  que  bénéficieront  le  Canada,  le  Québec  et,  bien  évidemment,  LaSalle­Émard­Verdun. Nous  avons  déjà  débuté  les  consultations  à  travers  le  Canada  concernant  le  Partenariat transpacifique,  l’Accord  Économique  et  Commercial  Global  (AECG)  entre  le  Canada  et  l’Union européenne, et la Chine.

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