Ziad Aboultaif

  • Age: 50
  • Education: International Business Administration
  • Occupation: business person
  • Party: Conservative
  • Riding: Edmonton Manning, Alberta
  • Appointments: Conservative Critic for National Revenue
  • Margin of Victory: 45.2% of the vote; almost 8,700 vote margin over Liberal candidate, Sukhdev
  • Family: wife Aujla, Elizabeth; sons, Tyler and Brandon

Born in 1966 in Lebanon, Mr. Aboultaif immigrated to Canada in 1990. He and his wife Elizabeth have been married since 1991, and together they have two boys: Tyler and Brandon. Mr. Aboultaif is a graduate in International Business Administration, and has been a small- businessperson, co­owning Edmonton commercial furniture distribution company Axxess Furniture Inc., with Norman Cohen, since 2003. He is a long­time advocate for organ and tissue donation ­­ having made a partial­liver donation in 2003 ­­ and his first Members Statement in the House was on the subject of organ donation.

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Policy Priorities

As  a  new  Member  of  Parliament  my  first  priority  is  serving  my  constituents,  being  their representative.  That  will  continue  to  be  my  focus  in  all  my  years  as  an  MP.  The  federal government is large, faceless and somewhat daunting to deal with. My role is to help the people of Edmonton Manning, to look out for their interests.

As an Opposition MP it is my job to hold the government accountable. Too often governments lose track and stop listening to the people who elected them. Too often there is a paternalistic attitude  of  “we  know  best”  when  clearly  they  don’t.  It  is  my  responsibility  to speak  up  for ordinary Canadians, to ensure that the government understands its role is to serve the people –  and if it ignores the people there will be consequences.

I  promise  to  be fair. If  the  government  does something right,  that  is  good for Canada, I  will acknowledge  that. However if we see  a return to the sense  of  entitlement  and lack  of respect shown by some previous  administrations, I will  not hesitate to speak out. I will  be respectful, criticizing policies not personalities, but do expect this government and its Members to behave honourably.

Each of us comes to Ottawa out of a desire to serve Canada and to make a difference. We have our political disagreements but I think our motivations are the same: we want to do what is best for the country.

As parliamentarians we have a chance to make a positive impact on people’s lives. I have seen first­hand the need for  and the lack of suitable  organ donors in Canada. Each year people die while waiting for a transplant, people who might be saved if there was a greater awareness of the need for organ donors. As a Member of Parliament I intend to do what I can to help those in such situations.

My door is always open. Come on in and we can talk.


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