A Call for Progressive Cooperation

Elizabeth May calls on her Liberal and NDP counterparts to form a cooperative one-time pact to defeat the Harper Conservatives.

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Nouveau président au CTC

Hassan Yussuff, le nouveau président du Congrès du travail du Canada, élu le 24 avril, 2014, est passé de la chaîne de montage d’automobiles au poste le plus élevé au sein du mouvement syndical canadien. Il accumule depuis longtemps des réalisations im …

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Deja Vu in World Affairs: Globe & Mail Interview With Madeleine Albright

Before speaking at the Canadian Centre’s first Global Progress Dinner, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright sat down with the Globe’s Doug Saunders. She discusses at length the West’s response to Putin’s recent actions in Ukraine.

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Madeleine Albright on International Security: Toronto Star

Oakland Ross reports on the comments by Secretary Albright at the Canadian Centre’s first Global Progress Dinner. In light of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent actions in Ukraine, Ms. Albright says that “people in the West seem to have little a …

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