Democracy under threat? Not yet, but….

By Yuk-kuen Annie Cheung, PhD, RPP

A word from a concerned friend Since the election of President Donald Trump, many of us who believe in liberal democracy and related norms, including equality of the sexes and amongst peoples, have been holding our breath in a protracted “Kumbaya”. Fou …

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Mega Project Mgt (May18)


Program Managing Mega-Projects… …and sleeping at night! (EVENT REPORT TO BE POSTED SHORTLY) Thursday, May 18, 2017; 7:30 to 9:00 am Room 330, Wellington Building, 197 Sparks Street (at Bank), Ottawa (Parliamentary Precinct) Keynote Presenter: Stephane …

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2017 Budget: What’s new?

By Andrew Cardozo

From The Hill Times

There’s more to the stay-the-course budget than suggested First published in the Hill Times Monday, April 3, 2017 Depending which part of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s budget you focus on, it was any of those things and more. The Hill Times photograp …

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A Cdn Research Council on Social, Cultural & Econ Health

By Terrance Hunsley, Senior Fellow, The Pearson Centre

We could take a lesson from the health system. Over the past four decades, the federal government, with provincial involvement, has invested in health research, health information systems, performance evaluation and innovation. Those investments are pa …

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Integrative Solutions for Security (Dr. Jonathan Calof)

By Dr. Jonathan Calof

Integrative Solutions for Security BY JONATHAN CALOF © 2016 FrontLine Security (Vol 11, No 4) (FrontLine Security magazine) FrontLine Security needs to look at keeping the general population safe and secure more broadly than we had in the past. Food sa …

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7 big developments in Canadian politics for 2017

By Andrew Cardozo

Seven big developments in Canadian politics to watch for We live in an era where politics change constantly and the unexpected is what happens again and again. Brexit and Donald Trump are now synonyms for unexpected change as much as they are about wha …

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National Goal for Poverty Reduction (Terrance Hunsley)

By Terrance Hunsley

The Government of Canada discussion paper, Towards a Poverty Reduction Strategy, asks for suggestions on how the federal government can better align its poverty reduction efforts with those of provinces, territories, municipalities and communities. It …

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A Reykjavik Review, and the Arctic Leaders’ Statement

By Yuk-kuen Annie Cheung, PhD, RPP

On December 20, 2016, Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau and US President Obama released the United States-Canada Joint Arctic Leaders’ Statement. It cited a series of bilateral efforts aimed at ensuring a strong, sustainable and viable Arctic economy and …

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CF-18: Strategic Replacement, BGen (Ret’d) Greg Matte

By BGen (Ret’d) Gregory C.P. Matte

The intent of this paper is to shine a light on the critical aspects of the CF-18 replacement initiative that appear to have been buried in the public debate surrounding this multi-billion dollar project. Beyond the rhetoric are the immutable consequen …

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Sen. Peter Harder on Senate Reform (Sept 19)


(Picture L to R: Alicia Natividad, Pearson Centre; James Scongack, Bruce Power, Sen. Peter Harder; Catherine Bélanger, and Hon. Sergio Marchi) A WORK IN PROGRESS: The changing role of the “Representative of the Government in the Senate” Report of a Spe …

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