We focus on ten broad policy areas. All of our commentary, publications and events are driven by our desire to advance a progressive agenda in these key areas.

Aboriginal Policy & Issues

Does Canadian society fully appreciate why Aboriginal People face the serious inequality that exists today? How do we as a society move towards a more equal society? By respecting treaties, which are living documents; and by working towards the advancement especially of Aboriginal people.

International Affairs

Canada has been a world leader of peace and advancement—recall peacekeeping forces, the Kyoto and the land mines treaties, and the Responsibility To Protect (R2P), among many others. Looking to the future, how do we restore Canada’s good name and work with the nations of the world towards international peace, progress and security?

Canadian Values & Idendity

A wide range of issues relate to Canadian values: bilingualism, multiculturalism, gender equity, cultural policy, sports, tourism; essentially those things that define our values and identity as both a people and country.

Justice & Crime

Canadians pride themselves on having a justice system that works well. At its centre is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canada needs to get real on crime, not soft nor mindlessly tough on crime. The objective has to be reducing crime while increasing the safety of Canadians.

Political & Democratic Reform

Canada has one of most stable democratic systems in the world. Yet despite being the envy of many, the system is beset with challenges: poor voter turnout, electoral fraud, inadequate representation. A crisis of confidence hangs over Canadian democracy. How to turn things around?

Economy, Trade & Jobs

In an increasingly uncertain world, our economy has been doing well compared to many other countries. But the middle-class has been losing ground and inequality continues to grow. Young people must be able to step into the workforce; trade needs to be diversified. Overall, Canada’s economy needs a retool to ensure a better future for its citizens. How to attain these objectives?

Energy & Environment

We use energy all the time and we know its use often harms the environment. Climate change is real, despite the posse of deniers. Our future depends on making wise energy choices and advancing balanced sustainability.

Immigration & Migration

As a country of immigrants—and with future population growth dependent upon newcomers—immigration is an issue essential to Canada’s future. Family and economic streams have been the main pillars of our immigration system. So what’s the best balance for the future? And how can Canadians help other countries understand more about the movement of peoples the world over?

Innovation & the Digital World

The digital world is at the core of the future of our society. Canada can be a leader worldwide, we have been in the past. And we can be doing more to ensure that our all Canadians, especially young people, are much more digital friendly. Is a third official language is needed?

Health, Seniors & Social Policy

A viable public health care system is a basic value in Canada. But the costs continue to rise, as does the overall age of our population. So how do we make it all work? What’s the role of different levels of government in providing social services?

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