Innovation & the Digital World

The digital world is at the core of the future of our society. Canada can be a leader worldwide, we have been in the past. And we can be doing more to ensure that our all Canadians, especially young people, are much more digital friendly. Is a third official language is needed?

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2017 Budget: What’s new?

By Andrew Cardozo

There’s more to the stay-the-course budget than suggested First published in the Hill Times Monday, April 3, 2017 Depending which part of Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s budget you focus on, it was any of those things and more. The Hill Times photograp …

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NEW PATHS FOR INNOVATION w Navdeep Bains: Econ4Tmro


Innovation and the #Econ4Tmro with the HON. NAVDEEP BAINS Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Monday, March 14, 2016; 12 noon to 2:00 pm Co-Hosted by the Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy and the Toronto Region Board of Trade V …

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Innovating for Innovation: a new strategy

By Dr. William Cowie

Innovating for Innovation: A new strategy for Canada by Dr. William Cowie PART 1 What does Innovation mean for the decades ahead? Emerging disruptive technologies, environmental degradation, climate change and growing inequalities require a new approac …

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Reinvigorating the Ladder of Opportunity: A Progressive Vision for Post-Secondary Education

By Roy Sengupta

The increasing cost of post secondary education over the past two decades has become an increasing source of concern for many inside and outside the field. Many students now fear that they will be saddled with unsustainable debt loads upon graduation. …

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