We Need a New Take on International Security

By Lloyd Axworthy

Lloyd Axworthy writes that there is a need for a new international architecture on security.

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Albright & Axeworthy

Global Progress Evening: Albright & Axworthy


Madeleine Albright and Lloyd Axworthy headlined the Global Progress Dinner in Toronto on April 1, 2014. As U.S. Secretary of State during the Clinton Administration, and Foreign Affairs Minister during the Chretien government, they were counterparts an …

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Mixed review: how Canada is viewed abroad

By Sergio Marchi

We took pride in the roles that we could and did play, in an effort to make the world a better place. We excelled as bridge builders; as neutral players in crisis situations; as proponents of creative policy solutions; as honest brokers.  These were co …

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David Collenette on 9/11

By David Collenette

“Wind up your speech. There has been a tragedy.” This hastily handwritten note, placed on the lectern as I delivered the keynote address at a conference of international airport executives, heralded the longest day of my political life. It was Sept. 11 …

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