Justice & Crime

Canadians pride themselves on having a justice system that works well. At its centre is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canada needs to get real on crime, not soft nor mindlessly tough on crime. The objective has to be reducing crime while increasing the safety of Canadians.

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Pearson Centre Discussion on Income Security Reform in Ontario

By Terrance Hunsley, Senior Fellow, The Pearson Centre

On December 5, 2017; The Pearson Centre welcomed George Thomson to talk about the recently-tabled report of the advisory groups to the Ontario government, on income security reform. We were hosted by the Somerset West Community Health Centre in Ottawa. …

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Futures Entwined: Nation State & Welfare State – Hunsley

By Terrance Hunsley

First in a Series It was a nice little quip for amateur philosophers. In Nixon’s 1972 visit to China, Premier Zhou Enlai was asked about the French Revolution and the development of democracy, and was reported to have replied “..it is too early to say. …

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Avancons / Moving Forward: Disability Strategy

By The Every Canadian Counts Coalition

English follows the French. A noter: La coalition de Chaque canadien compte est en train de promouvoir l’adoption d’une stratégie nationale pour les personnes handicapées. Le format de leur document aurait changer un peu sur notre site. – Terrance Huns …

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1.Future of Work/ 2.Combating Hate (Vancouver Nov16)


INVITATION to TWO ROUNDTABLES 9:30 – 11:30 am Roundtable on Combating Hate: Respecting diversity, overcoming discrimination and hate; 12:00–1:30 pm Roundtable on The Future of Work Preparing for the world of less full time jobs, the “Gig Economy”, high …

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Sixties Scoop court decision reveals problems – Hunsley

By Terrance Hunsley (Senior Fellow, The Pearson Centre)

The federal government recently announced a fund to compensate indigenous people who as children were taken from their families and put up for adoption by non-indigenous families. It was in response to a class action court case filed on behalf of about …

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Multiculturalism: indissociable et indélébile – O’Neill

By Mark O'Neill

(The English follows) Il s’est écoulé 46 ans depuis l’adoption d’une politique officielle, 35 ans depuis que celle-ci a été répercutée dans la Charte des droits et libertés et 29 ans depuis une proclamation en vertu d’une loi du Parlement. Certains se …

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Recognizing distinctiveness and accepting our differences – CRRF

By Canadian Race Relations Foundation

The demographic changes experienced by Canada since the introduction of the first Multiculturalism Policy in 1971, have been very significant. The population has increased from approximately 21 million (in 1971) to over 35 million in 2011. The growth d …

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Multiculturalism: Evolution & Challenges – Griffith

By Andrew Griffith

MULTICULTURALISM IN CANADA: EVOLUTION, EFFECIVENESS AND CHALLENGES Our history, a complex and imperfect process of accommodation — between Indigenous peoples and French and then British settlers (English, Scottish and Irish), subsequently between Frenc …

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Mock, karen
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Karen Mock gets Order of Canada – Read her thoughts…

By Dr. Karen Mock

On December 29. 2017, the Governor General announced the newest recipients of the Order of Canada. We are delighted that in that list is Dr. Karen Mock, a founding board member of the Pearson Centre, who has many years of action and achievement in matt …

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Rebel Media alive & well at Heritage Committee – Cardozo

By Andrew Cardozo

Comment Monday, September 25, 2017 | the hill times Rebel Media alive and well in House Heritage Committee studying M-103 Conservative MPs continued to push back zeroing in on their concern with naming Islamophobia, a canard if there ever was one. by A …

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