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Overcoming the new Precariat: The future of work

By Trish Hennessy CCPA-Ontario

After years of relative progress in Canada’s labour market – where unionization helped turn jobs like mining and manufacturing into good, middle class jobs – by early-1990s a seismic shift began to unfold. “Jobs for life” were being replaced with conce …

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Avoiding xenophobia (in the wake of the temporary foreign workers issue)

By Tshweu Moleme

The recent migrant worker debate in Canada has had some observers worried for one reason. Yes, there could be additional reasons, but let’s keep it at this particular one. Foremost, let us note that some citizens of our society tend to, as we’ve contin …

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Open Senate Liberal caucus takes on assisted suicide

By Andrew Cardozo

How do you deal with a controversial, delicate and emotional issue in Parliament?  In caucus?  In public? A closed caucus meeting no more.  How about an open caucus meeting?  The Senate Liberals came up with the innovate idea of (i) having open Caucus …

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An insider’s review of the Pearson Government

By James A.Coutts

In the end, we see a man who achieved a great deal on the world stage and for his country. His and his team’s reforms have served us well for 50 years. But what was achieved is a tribute to this rumpled reformer, who shifted agendas regularly and manag …

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