Pearson wins Nobel (from the CBC in 1957)



The Award was announced in October and awarded on December 10, 1057.

From the CBC website:
Lester B. Pearson’s peace solution wins him the Nobel Prize

As Secretary of State for External Affairs, Pearson continues his involvement in international affairs, including some quick thinking during the 1956 Suez Crisis. His idea for an emergency United Nations force quells the budding war and leads to Canada’s first Nobel Peace Prize nod. This October 1957 CBC Television clip covers the historic announcement and records Pearson’s response.
CBC Television News Special

Broadcast Date:
Oct. 20, 1957

Lester B. Pearson


Did You know?

•Pearson had been considered for the Nobel four years previous but lost out to American George Marshall who won for his “Marshall Plan.”
•The crisis in the Suez developed after Egypt took control of the Suez Canal, a vital shipping link between the Middle East and Europe, from combined British and French interests in October 1956.
•Britain and France secretly banded together with Israel to move to attack Egypt and reclaim the shipping route.

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