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Please join us in an important and timely project…

We have been addressing the Future of Work over the past year and want to kick it up a notch to develop a sharper definition of the issues and a renewed identification of solutions.

Whether it’s the layoffs at GM in Oshawa or the downturn in the natural resource sector in Alberta and Saskatchewan, the rapidly evolving economy and the changing nature of work is an important challenge facing Canadians and indeed much of the world. It needs close attention. It needs a critical review of current and past efforts. It needs new solutions.

Please join in the work ahead, by sharing your ideas for solutions and by contributing to a research and action fund.

Future of Work: Here are some of the issues we are looking at:

  • Employment uncertainty and the steady reduction in full time jobs
  • The growth of the gig economy – part-time and contract work
  • The role of start-ups and self-employment
  • Outsourcing, Off-shoring and global production
  • Training for technological advancement
  • The formal education system and life-long learning
  • The new and future sectors and jobs
  • Eliminating barriers, advancing equality and inclusive workforces
  • Creating opportunity for under-represented groups
  • Recognizing international credentials and opportunities
  • The need for Entrepreneurship training for all

The funds raised will be used for organizing roundtables in key regions of the country, research and writing of a series of focused reports on the main issues, including those listed above.

To express your interest in being involved in the project please email our Senior Fellow, Terrance Hunsley: thunsley@thepearsoncentre.ca

To make a donation to the Pearson Centre to this project: Click Here for Donation;

Or mail cheques to “Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy”, 34 Adelaide St., Ottawa ON, Canada (Please note we are not a charity so cannot issue tax receipts)


FYI our other current priority themes are Tax Policy in relation the Trump cuts in the US; and Combatting Hate and Racism. For more info on these please contact our president, Andrew Cardozo: acardozo@thepearsoncentre.ca


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