What Does Canada Day Mean To You?


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With Canada Day just around the corner, we wanted to reflect on what this important holiday really means and what it symbolizes to people across the country.

Here are some of the responses we received. Check out our Facebook page for more including short interviews on the subject.

“Canada Day is an opportunity for me to truly appreciate the complexity and richness of our plural Canadian identity as well as the many tangible contributions made to this country by fellow citizens representing the many waves of migration to these indigenous lands.”

-Sarah Onyango, Host of Fontonfrom on Rogers TV Cable 22

“Canada Day is 1 of 365 days in which Canadians feel lucky to live here! Canada Day showcases the multitude of cultures that thrive in our welcoming land. I look forward to raising my voice on Canada Day this year, to sing a gender neutral ‘O Canada’ in the Capital of Canada.”

-Penny Thompson



“One of the opportunities that Members of Parliament have is to travel outside our great country. This past year I have travelled mostly in Africa, visiting Ghana, The Gambia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. More than ever, Africans stand in awe of Canada. They speak of our economic prosperity, our human rights protection, our compassion and sense of welcome, our generosity especially for the advancement of girls and women, and our willingness to engage in the world as peacekeepers. Canada and Canadians are trusted. This Canada Day, I celebrate what makes Canada, Canada. I celebrate the world’s love of Canada. But more than that, I pledge that I will do my part to earn this reputation.  Better is always possible. Happy Canada Day!”

– Robert Oliphant, M.P.



“Every year I have the honour of attending Canada Day festivities in Willowdale, where our country’s tremendous diversity, openness, and generosity of spirit are on full display. I believe all Canadians can take tremendous pride in our unique ability to come together, regardless of age, religion, language, background, or ideology, to tackle great challenges and work towards common goals. We are not a perfect country, but I consistently marvel at our ability and willingness to strive for something better in order to accomplish truly remarkable things.”

– Ali Ehsassi, M.P.


-MPs Karen McCrimmon and Andrew Leslie

“As a Mexican who married an American and is living in Ottawa pretty much sums up what Canada Day means to me. Grateful to be in a country that embraces multiculturalism and diversity particularly when they are being threatened and facing strong winds of resistance in different parts of the world”.

-Alberto Foncerrada Berúmen, Embassy of Mexico



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