Pearson “Top 20″

By Andrew Cardozo

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Lester B. Pearson and Israel

By Yuli Edelstein

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Pearsons Up the Gatineau

By Landon Pearson

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On June 28th, the Pearson Centre hosted a Seminar on “Advancing Innovation across North America” in Ottawa. The event involved the private and public sectors, the education sector, students and other leaders. The program and background information is n …

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Report: Economic Projections for Canadian Families 2014

Is Cautious Optimism Justified? These are not the easiest times for Canadians, for young people, for seniors, for the middle class. What can Canadian families expect in 2014? What can business and investors expect? Are we pursuing the right fiscal and …

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Bowie Seamount, Pacific Ocean, Canada

The Current State of Marine Protected Areas in Canada

By Nikita Lopoukhine

Canada, with the largest coastline in the world, is lagging behind many other countries in protecting its marine biodiversity through the use of marine protected areas (MPAs). Marine Protected Areas are a recognized valuable approach to conserving biod …

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Proceedings From the Pearson 50th Anniversary Event

Featuring a range of speakers including Justin Trudeau, Herb Gray and Prof. Andrew Cohen, this event dealt with the relevance of the Pearson legacy for today and tomorrow. 50 years ago on April 22, 1963, Lester B. Pearson became Prime Minister of Canad …

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